Myread: My name is not konnichiwa

Image I like to travel, and i love the planning process. Researching and reading about the places and imagining I am already there and looking though allĀ  the travel blogs and books makes me happy. That’s why this book is a real inspiration to motivate me to take the first step.

This is written by a Singaporean, Rodney Ee, who is an avid traveler, and has been to 44 countries! (that’s amazing!) The adventure stories are well organized and the descriptions are vivid and interesting, just as the title is. The language is simple, easy to read but filled with humours and sacarsm which spice up the stories. Not to forget, being Singaporean, also added some Singlish terms which makes me feel close to home.

ImageI like that story on staying in an igloo at negative 20 degree in Iceland, waiting for the northern light to appear, and the other story on going to Santa Claus hometown in Finland. Who would have believe that Santa Claus town actually exist? Most of the places written in this book are those out of the way, the ‘road-less-traveled’ places that I would never imagine going.

ImageIf you are just like me, want to travel the world but restricted by fears and objections, maybe this book might inspire you to take the first step out! I’ve just booked my solo backpack trip to the ox for next month , and is really looking forward to it! This is a good choice fFor a leisure read on a lazy weekend afternoon.. Enjoy!

Quote from the author:

“Each time i visit a country, I always returned feeling more humbled than before humbled at being just one out of 7 billion people on this incredible planet, humbled at its vast expanse and the diversity of its people and landscape, humbled at the ease with which cultural barriers can be brought down with a simple smile, and immensely grateful for the many friends that I have made all over the world.”

Book title: My name is not konnichiwa

Author: Rodney Ee

Book publisher: Marshall Cavendish

Year of publish: 2012