Mytravel – Singapore Maxwell food centre

This is a continuation of my previous post on “local travelling”. Singapore is not only just a tropical small island, it is an island filled with variety of cultures and FOOD!!

Yes! I gladly admit I am a foodie lover (who won’t be, living in singapore?), but I’m not the type that will go all the way out to search for nice and good food. But this time round, my curious mind and free time prompted me to drag my lazy body all the way to chinatown maxwell food centre in search of the famous Tiantian hainanese chicken rice.

Part 2 of local travel – Maxwell food centre


Located in the heartland of Chinatown, it took me a while to find this food centre via GPS on a hot and humid day.

I had purposely arrived earlier to avoid the long queue and lunch crowd, but to my dismay, the queue is still very long. Thankfully for the must-try tiantian chicken rice stall (stall 10), there were two stalls (one for white chicken, the other for roasted chicken) so the speed of serving is pretty fast.


The chicken serving is considered generous for the price ($3.50/plate). I wanted the chicken drumstick, but it’s sold out and I go for the “ji wei” part. The meat of the chicken is indeed tender and juicy, and the skin is smooth and oily. I like that the chicken meats are cut into large pieces and the taste just filled my entire mouth. Here comes the most famous of this chicken rice – the rice. It has been reported in all media that the rice is the best part, fragrant and nice and can be eaten alone. It is indeed fragrant, but I find the rice abit hard and clumpy, and not as smooth as I thought. Generally I’ve eaten better rice than this before.
I just read on another blog that the master chef of tiantian chicken rice stall has left the stall and set up his own. Maybe that’s one of the reason it’s not as fantastic as I’ve heard? But still, its not too bad I guess.


Please pardon the tardiness of this photo; I'm too hungry and absorbed in enjoying the taste that I only remember to take photo nearing finishing the rice =p

The next food I tried was the zhenzhen porridge. This was also rated as one of the best food in maxwell food centre. While eating the chicken rice, I’ve been observing the queue and the queue seems equally long for one hr. Determined to find out how good it is, I bravely joined the queue. The queue is long because there is only one main cook and every bowl of porridge is cooked individually (hence with love and tender care).


See the queue? Even auntie and pregnant lady braved the long queue just to eat the porridge!

The porridge is silky and watery and I can’t find grains of rice in it. There is no fishy smell and it is really sweet. The other selling part of this porridge which I concluded, is the generousity of the amount of fish in each bowl! I practically ate a fish with every mouthful of the porridge!


Century egg with fish porridge - see the silkiness of the porridge?


See the machine behind? That must be the secret to the silkiness of the porridge! This machines is turning consistently which I believed helps to breaks down every grain of rice...

I also tried the oyster egg and sugar cane. There are other good food recommended by other bloggers (eg dim sum, pock bun, fish soup, cockles), but I’m too full to try more of these. Maybe next time, when I have the cravings and the free time again.

Overall, it is a good visit if you have the time or are in the precinity. Otherwise, I believed that there are many hawker centres in singapore that serve equally good food as this.

Remember to come early 11-11.30am to avoid the lunch crowd, bring long umbrellas to “chope” (literally means reserved) seats (a common undeclared culture of Singapore),  and remember to clear your own tray after eating.

My curiosity has been fufilled, and I am glad and satisfied now. 🙂

Maxwell food centre (Chinatown mrt)
1 kadayanallur road     


Mytravel – Singapore supreme court

Many people always said, travelling doesn’t have to be out of your own country; sometimes, going to places in your own homeland that you’ve never been to can bring about a new experience, and open your eyes to new things you’ve not seen, done before.

So I decided, on this once in a blue moon chance to take leave from work on a weekday, I’ve decided to explore places I have never been to.


See the red little dot in the map? That's where Singapore my homeland is!

Singapore is a small tropical island situated in south east asia, along the straits of malacca, right below malaysia, and above indonesia. No, we are not in malaysia, neither is Singapore in china (which we’ve heard of quite often). Being a tropical island surrounded by water, you can expect sunny weather (with occasional rain) for most of the days of the years, plus humidity.

As a citizen here for more than 20 years, I have always thought that I’ve been to most of the places here, and this is just a boring island with not much interesting places to visit. Someone had quoted before:” There are no uninteresting things or places, only uninterested people”. I totally agree with this statement. Hence, I decided to re-visit my homeland today with a tourist eye and a curious mind!


The cure for boredom is curiosity.
There is no cure for curiosity.

– Dorothy Parker

Supreme court Singapore
Always passing by this building that look like an old imperial colonial times building, and never wonder what’s going on inside, and never wonder how is e legal system like in singapore. Have you heard a real court case before? (Not those dramatic type that we see on tv or dramas) Not me definitely. So I took this opportunity to explore the supreme court and attended a court hearing today.


Old Supreme court till june 2005

I never knew the supreme court has been moved out of this building since 2005, and the new renovated building has already started work since 2012. I thought the old supreme court building looks historical and vintage and it’ll be good to retain and refurnished it abit. It’s such a waste if it was going to be demolished, with over a hundred years of history. This is a dilemma of modernisation.


The above picture is the artist’s image of the new supreme court building estimated to be completed by 2015. The dome of the old building are going to be replaced by the “UfO”-shaped” structure. It looks quite cool, don’t you think so?

Constitution of the court
Anyway, the supreme court is one of the two tiers of the court system in singapore, the other being the subordinate court. It is the superior court of record compared to subordinate court. Supreme court is made up of court of appeal and the high court. The court of appeal is the final appellate court in singapore. It hears appeals against decisions of high court judges on both civil and criminal matters.

The high court hears both civil and criminal cases as a court of first instance. It also hears civil and criminal appeals from the diatrict courts and magistrates’ courts and civil appeals from certain tribunals as prescribed by law.
You can visit here to find out more.

My experience
The current supreme court building although looks demure on the outside, it is rather stern and majestic on the inside. There are security checks at the entrance; once inside, I was impalled by the silence and the atmosphere.


Interior of the current (2014) supreme court

As I was late, I hurried to find the court room of the hearing that I wanted to attend. Arriving outside the courtroom, there is a separate door for public to enter to observe the hearing. It is a small room separated by glass panel; I am the only audience in the hearing room, accompanied by two stern looking police officer sitting at the back row. You can imagine the atmosphere inside…. The seating arrangement of the judge and lawyer somehow resembles those I’ve seen on tv shows, maybe except that the lawyers do not wear a wig nowadays.

As expected, it is not easy for me to understand the contents of the hearing, with frequent references to the various section of the statutory law.

It is a good experience for me, and I’m glad I took a step to learn something new, in my own country. If you are also thinking of visiting the supreme court, remember to wear formal clothing (no shorts, slippers, sandals); bow to the judges if you enter the hearing halfway or leave halfway, keep silent during the hearing and no taking out of phone during court hearing.
You can find out more from the ifaq of the supreme court website.

This experience stimulated my curiosity to find out more about the laws of singapore and the various proceedings. I’m glad that this is not a boring session for me and I have gained something today, just by tuning my perspective.

Mytravel – Korea, jeju island


Lalangs dancing in the spring wind – end of spring Nov 29, 2013, sangumburi crater, jeju


The remains of the last few signs of spring… winter is approaching
– Sangumburi crater, jeju


The icon of jeju island! Grandpa and Grandma of jeju! Touching the nose u’ll be blessed with a baby boy, and touching the ears u’ll be blessed with a baby girl (or was it the other way round?) =p


Entrance to the korean folk village on a sunny cold day


Take a peek into the small strawhouses @ korean folk village and learn how the locals live in the olden days!
The toilet is directly above the black pig sty.. quite an ingenious sewage recycling method isn’t it? =P


Seongsan sunrise peak, jeju Looks like some scene in korean historical drama isn’t it? It took an hour to hike to the top..but was definitely worth it for the nice view and fresh air!