Myread – The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane

Image Edward tulane is a handsome, perfect, clean and good-looking china rabbit doll, and he is very pleased of himself. He belonged to a little girl named Abilene who loved him really very very much. But Edward is a proud rabbit only loves himself, and do not love Abilene. One day, while on a ferry trip with Abilene, Edward was accidentally thrown off the ferry, and this is where his life adventures all started… … his journey to losing, finding love and finding life…

ImageYes, I must admit, i love travel stories and I also love adventure stories. Not only that, i love to read meaningful stories, stories that could teach me about life. This book grabbed my attention while watching the recently popular korean drama: “My love from another Star”.

                     Image   ImageThe main actor who casted as an alien from another planet who have lived on Earth for 400 years. Somehow the character Edward Tulane resembles the main actor in the drama – ‘something’ that could live forever but yet not knowing love and how to love, and slowly learning to love.



I have been loved. Edward told the stars.

I had enjoyed the miraculous journey with Edward, as his heart once filled with ice, slowly melt away to be filled with hope and love. Have you read the book already? Share with me your thoughts!

Book title: The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane

Author: Kate Dicamillo

Published: Candlewick, 2009


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